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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  February 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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but everything else is fair game for this system that's already producing low clouds and some fog as well as rain in philadelphia. it is a first-alert weather day here at nbc 10. and the potential for icing will be not only this morning but even into this afternoon. the rain will be falling, that's freezing rain and we could get sleet later on finally ending wednesday with light snow. some untreated surfaces will be a problem. railways, cars sidewalks, driveways, that sort of thing. even side streets that have not been treated. you can see the wet weather is moving in. chester county wilmington seeing rainfall right now, but it's farther to the north where it's colder right now. and it's producing freezing rain the potential for icing in norristown trenton, earlier in burlington county and there's potential in east pikeland. some spots in chester county reporting a bit of freezing rain this morning. nothing widespread, but the
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threat is there. 32 in pottstown. right at the freezing mark nor trenton and and mount holly. be on the lookout this morning for icing because it comes out of the sky as plain old rain but once it hits the cold ground it will ice up in a hurry. temperatures will stay steady this morning at 31 degrees at 7:00, 9:00 and at noon. i'm not expecting to see a warm up during the day today. we'll go through it hour by hour with future weather when i come back but right now traffic reporter jillian mele is watching the commute. good monday morning to you, bill. to you at home as well. the vine street expressway is looking really good. this is the westbound side of the vine as drivers head out to 76. you can see both directions are clear and the entire length of the vine is clear right now. no issues to report on 95. the blue route is fine and so is 76. if you check your drive times here you will notice the lines here as we reroute the coshocton curve. no accidents or delays. 12 to 13 minutes is how long it will take you between the blue route and the vine.
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thank you, jillian. 4:31 right now. new information in the death of a millersville university student found in her dorm room over the weekend. police arrested the victim's 19-year-old boyfriend being held in prison this morning. 18-year-old carly hall was found dead yesterday morning inside her dorm room on the millersville campus. that's about 80 miles west of philadelphia. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in millersville. katy, both the victim and suspect have ties to our area tell us what you know about that. >> reporter: they did, tracy. we arrived to campus a short time ago. as you can imagine, students here faculty and people who knew the student especially are still reeling from the discovery of freshman student carly hall. hall was found dead inside her dorm room here on campus around this time yesterday morning. she's from chester county. soon after her body was found, her boyfriend a 19-year-old from kenneth square was arrested for aggravated assault.
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he's currently in jail on $1.5 million. the university tells us he's not a student. investigators at this time have not released how hall died. they are waiting on more information from the medical examiner, but again her boyfriend is jailed on charges of aggravated assault. coming up in the next half hour we'll look into what is happening here on campus today here at millersville university to help students cope with this tragic loss. reporting live in millersville katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." new overnight, one person is dead and two others are injured in southwest philadelphia just after 11:00 on we arekerwood street. one of the men shot died a few minutes ago. the two other victims should be okay. no one has been arrested. now to an nbc 10 exclusive, a city with a crime crisis is reaching out to the county for help. wilmington's gun violence rate has shot through the of radio. jesse gary is live in wilmington
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this morning. jesse, there's a new approach and an increase in officers that really can't come soon enough for people who live there. >> reporter: chris, that's right. we mentioned one of the epicenters for violence in the city, a place where residents say crime is a con up substantiate come painon and is easy to understand why. over the past decade there have been about two dozen homicides each year in this relatively small city. in 2012 three dozen. we have learned new castle county police will now control with wilmington p.d. and this week the governors do public safety strategies to meet for the first time. residents we talk to say something needs to be done to stem the violence. >> we want the shooting to stop that's what we want. we want peace but it's going to take a lot. so i hope this community can do it and put together a lot of people that can come up with a lot of solutions. >> reporter: and before leaders can come up with solutions, they have to understand why this is happening. we have been digging into that and will have that coming up in 30 minutes. live in wilmington new castle county delaware jesse gary
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"nbc 10 news." well state testing is about to take a new turn in new jersey. >> what one school district is doing to prepare students and parents. plus the danger of encountering a drunk driver on the road is actually going down but the chance of encountering a different kind of danger is going up. we'll tell you about the new concern.
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parents in one montgomery county will get to share their concerns over the proposed closures of two elementary schools. the methacton school district is looking to close arrowhead elementary due to a continued decline in enrollment over the next ten years. a meeting about the possible closures will be held at the arrowhead school this morning with the superintendent expected to be there. the camden city school district is holding a series of family meetings to help students and parents learn more about new state testing. the first meeting is set for tonight at woodrow wilson high school. parents will also be given access to online resources about
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the tests. next month students in new jersey will take a new standardized test for the first time. educators developed the test for children in grades 3-11. we have a little bit of rain moving into the area. normally that's not a bad thing unless the temperatures are near freezing. and that's what we've got this morning. the wind is blowing. that's a northeasterly wind bringing the moisture in. you can see the low clouds over the city. 35 degrees in reading. that's not an issue, but for philadelphia, 33 degrees. parts of the city are at freezing. and look at trenton, 30 degrees. a little bit of rain will lead to some icing in those spots. and we are seeing it this morning in the pocano mountains. look at the sheen on the snow the view from camelback with freezing rain falling there. we are watching temperatures that have come down overnight. 29 degrees in doylestown. trenton, northeast philadelphia right at the freezing mark for lafayette. it was just below freezing at 31
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degrees. greenside is 30. any rain coming down on untreated surfaces will be freezing under these conditions. this will lead to icy travel this morning. and look for hazardous conditions even farther north and west. gilbertsville, pottstown at the airport, 32 degrees right now. so be on the lookout. take a little extra time and take it slowly. you can see the rain that's moving in. in those areas about freezing it's not an issue just yet, but we expect temperatures to fall in these areas for chester county and delaware county. you may see icing during the day. right now it is into montgomery and bucks county. and in the trenton area as well, you are seeing the light freezing rain coming down. the temperatures will be holding pretty steady during the day today. this is 10:00 this morning. 31 degrees. we'll be watching for on/off rainfall just enough to produce some ice in those areas that are below freezing. look at that 4:00 and temperatures have not budged at all. so freezing rain will be on/off. it will be light, but just
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enough to create ice on untreated surfaces. then it changes to a brief period of sleet and a brief period of snow late this afternoon and this evening. through it all, temperatures are holding steady during the day today. there is some warmer weather on the way and it's not that far away. we have the seven-day when i'm back in ten. well, that's something to look forward to. thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 5:00 now, we'll get a check of the highways out there. >> take it easy as you go and head out the door. jillian mele is watching the roadways for conditions as they change over the course of the morning. jillian? >> good morning. you can see the icy spots and the rainy spots on the radar here bill has been showing you. he mentioned the trenton area so we'll zoom in here once again on this map. you can see how we have the pink out there. that's the icy conditions that you can expect to see on a lot of the roads. and this is what it looks like along route 29 at warren street. for drivers in trenton, you can see the roads definitely appearing to be a little wet, but that's where you have to be careful because you can see icy patches out there. your neighborhood side streets, the on/off-ramps, use caution. the main roads should be okay. the roads that have been
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treated, but the side streets are where you have to slow it down out there. 20 minutes before 5:00 right now. neighbors in one montgomery county town are working to tackle a tough topic. >> you remember this photo of cops detaining two african-americans who were shoveling snow. it has some neighbors claiming the men were racially profiled. next the department and community's request. and more snow son the way for boston. the mayor says there's no more room to put it they have run out of room. the new method the crews are working on the keep the city from being overrun.
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couples in alabama will be allowed to get married. but the state's chief justice has ordered probate judges not to issue marriage licenses until the state supreme court hears this bill. they don't believe the judges will follow the order. alabama is now the 37th state to allow same sex marriage. happening today in texas, jury selection continues in the trial of the marine accused of killing two men, including navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle who was the inspiration for the movie "american sniper." as jay gray explains some are concerned about the impact the movie could have on the trial. >> reporter: at first glance this quiet texas farm town may seem like the last place the story of american sniper chris kyle will play out. >> this is not a hick town. despite what people may think. we try to do the right thing. i think it's a town of high moral character. >> reporter: later this morning inside the u.s. county courthouse, the process of
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finding 12 jurors and two alternates will continue in the case of eddie ray louis, the man who is accused of killing chris kyle here two years ago. some are concerned about the effect the blockbuster movie could have on the proceeding. >> when you go public with something like the, it's hard to give anybody a fair trial. >> reporter: hard but not impossible according to retired judge mike schneid. >> the potential jurors may not have seen the movie or heard about it. but if they have, they need to put that aside and evaluate the evidence as it comes in fairly and impartially and make a decision. >> reporter: a decision that many believe is crucial. >> we can only hope that we can finally find peace for all three parties. >> reporter: as the real-life drama unfolds in northeast texas. jay gray "nbc 10 news."
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4:45. a former actress steps forward with new allegations against bill cosby. helen gumbel claims cosby made sexual advances toward her on the set of "the cosby show." he now faces sexual assault allegations from 15 women. he denied the allegations and has never been charged with the crime. the 77-year-old bit canceled two comedy shows in boston because of the bad weather there, he says. bruce jenner is expected to be asked to turn over his cell phone records after a deadly crash. jenner was driving one of four vehicles involved in a chain-reaction crash on saturday. his publicist said jenner was not texting at the time and will cooperate with investigators. he expressed condolences to the family of the woman who died in the accident. he released a statement saying my heart felt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and the loved ones and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident. it is devastating and i cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this
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time. i am praying for them. i will continue to cooperate in every way possible. racial profiling at center stage in lower marion township after two men were briefly detained two weeks ago going door to door to shovel snow. it was a packed meeting last night for the lower marion police department. the reason? the picture that was posted on social media and someone suggested that police racially profiled those men who were out shoveling. police said there was no profiling. the men were questioned because they did not have a permit to solicit required by the township, but some residents don't buy that explanation. >> if there is a feeling or perception that the community cannot work well with the local police department or their school district or their township or city which we have heard here today, then these conversations will take place and people will look to correct them. >> residents would like to see more community policing and sensitivity training for patrol
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officers. and this morning there's a travel advisory in new york city as more winter weather threatens the commute there. that area could see freezing rain which is expected to turn into a wintry mix. last night city workers prepared by getting the plows ready to treat the roads. and this morning people in snow-battered new england are again under a winter storm warning. the latest blast of winter is expected to drop up to 2 feet of snow over the next few days in some spots there in boston. schools are closed today and tomorrow already. the mayor says the city will use melters to remove existing snow because they have run out of places to stack it. >> this storm that we're getting is unprecedented. we have never seen this type of snow here in the city of boston or in the history of a town in our city. >> fire officials say to make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly during this latest round of snow. >> i wonder if the freezing rain is part of the snow to bring more snow to the boston area.
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it is. our temperatures are too warm and most of the moisture is moving to the south, but unfortunately not everyone is warm this morning. we are watching for icy spots as temperatures have dropped to freezing and below in the area. and philadelphia center city right now temperatures are just above freezing. you can see some low clouds and some fog as well. but the wind is blowing, it's out of the northeast. that's giving us the moisture coming in. and that's going to continue as the day goes on. the clouds will stay with us. occasional light rainfall will lead to icing, especially this morning in areas north and west. right now philadelphia international is at 33 degrees. not much of a buffer. and look at the ice there, they have the windshield wiper going. that's not water but that's ice in the pocano mountains. the pocanos is much colder there -- well, it isn't. it's about the same. 30 degrees in mount pocano. and right now trenton is 30 degrees. it's colder in doylestown, so rain is coming down in these areas.
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it's going to produce the icing that you saw on the lens there in the pocano mountains. look at the blue belt willow grove, 29 degrees. and we are seeing that moisture move in. so be on the lookout for icy spots. any untreated surfaces sidewalks, railings walkways driveways, it will be an issue this morning. major treated roadways shouldn't be an issue, but it's just a little bit of ice that is going to really make for some slipping and sliding this morning. it won't be a lot of rainfall. it won't be a lot of snowfall this afternoon. this system will change to light snow for the lehigh valley. that's at 4:00 this afternoon. so be on the lookout for icy spots because of freezing rain this morning. and we could see sleet and snow later this afternoon and into this evening. but then this whole thing takes a break by tomorrow morning as we see clearing skies. at 41 degrees tomorrow afternoon, we'll be above freezing again on wednesday. and thursday up to 40 degrees. then i stretch to afternoon
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temperatures above freezing, but that will change with late showers on thursday. we'll bring in some bitter cold temperatures for friday 22 degrees. 27 for valentine's day. and 25 degrees on sunday. a frigid one with a morning low of 10 degrees. 9 minutes before 5:00 another morning to take it easy as you head out on the roadways this morning. >> every morning we have been in this pattern, it seems. jillian mele is watching the roadways for us. >> it's hard to wake up on a monday anyway but especially with rain and freezing rain that we're dealing with out there. the roads in and out of center city philadelphia still look good. no issues to report there. this is a live look at route 100 at route 113. drivers in chester county the roadways are looking a little wet out there. we are not reporting any delays or accidents or even any speed restrictions on the area bridges right now, but i do have this warning that as you can see the icy conditions out there are showing slippery spots on the bridges, like the walt whitman
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bridge betsy ross ben franklin. slow down and take your time out there. the national highway safety administration just released a pair of groundbreaking studies about impaired driving. the number of drivers with alcohol in their system has declined by one-third since 2007. but the number of drivers with marijuana in their system grew by almost 50%. the survey is completely voluntary and gathered data from drivers across the country. well gas prices are now creeping back up a little after months of declining prices at the pump. the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded is just 12 cents over the past week to stand at $2.17. analysts say rebounding crude prices and refinery prices in the west are the reason for the declining prices. here's what we are seeing in the philadelphia region $2.35 a gallon. gas in south jersey is still under $2 at $1.97. delaware is at $2.15 a gallon. the philadelphia auto show has come and gone but now
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without setting a record. this was the highest attended weekend in the event's history going more than a century. 106,000 people packed into the pennsylvania convention center saturday and yesterday. well, less than a week now until valentine's day. love is in the air and on the rails. guests hopped aboard septa's love train yesterday to witness the wedding of mill santos an an drew olson. after the "i do's" they road along the septa line. the wedding celebrated the five-year anniversary of the love letter project along with marriage equality in pennsylvania. 4:53 now. a new poll shows governor chris christie against other contenders in the race for president. we'll tell you where he stands, next.
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the nbc 10 first alert weather here is here ahead of
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the storm to keep you prepared. one of the tools we have had our disposal, stormforce10. that's the live picture you are seeing here as we cruise along area roadways. matt delucia on board watching for freezing rain that may be forming on the roadways out there. we'll check in with matt in a few minutes coming up at 5:00. happening today, german chancellor angela merkel will visit the white house to meet with president obama. they will discuss the crisis in ukraine, relations with russia and the battle with isis among other issues. if a presidential election was held right now, new jersey governor chris christie would not be the top contender. that's according to a poll of voters in new hampshire. they found the number one pick would be florida governor jeb bush. kentucky senator rand paul and governor scott walker were among the top picks. new hampshire will hold the first presidential primary and it would be a crucial state for christie if he does make a run for the white house. this week a philadelphia judge is expected to approve a billion-dollar settlement against the nfl over concussions.
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the settlement will resolve thousands of lawsuits that accuse the nfl of hiding what it knew about concussions and the link to neurological problems. the judge has only asked for a few tweaks on the agreement from both sides. the second of three public meetings will be held by the philadelphia area city planning commission tonight. that crew is seeking feedback to change future development in the city including transportation, housing and other investments. and this is all about celebrating philadelphia. later today we're going to learn more about the first ever "i love philly day." organizers are reminding everyone about what is good about philadelphia the city of brotherly love. and i love philly rally will be held on valentine's day as well. and a major initiative in philadelphia will help people learn to read through cooking. >> such a cool program. today walmart is pitching in $25,000 to the free library of philadelphia's culinary literacy center. officials from the chain will present a check this afternoon. every week the library teaches
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students and adults how to read and write recipes, change ingredients and measurements and cook with different fruits and vegetables. >> so culinary literacy, as we have been given a really unique opportunity to define that so it doesn't exist as a term so we have been combining literacy with cooking. >> teaching on so many levels. the check presentation will happen today at culinary literacy center in philadelphia's spring garden economy. and the culinary literacy program just started last june and is already teaching hundreds of kids and adults how to read through cooking, through learning recipes. >> and adding fruits and vegetables to their learning to make it healthier as well. you're watching "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. that starts right now. a college student found dead inside her dorm room. now her boyfriend is under
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arrest. we're live from campus with the investigation. and an nbc 10 exclusive. this morning we have learned one city is asking for help getting its crime under control. we're live from wilmington with the information that you'll only hear here on nbc 10. plus, if you wake up and head out, there's a foggy start and a threat of ice on the roads this morning. we have issued a first alert because it's potentially dangerous driving conditions out there. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today" on this monday. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. we could see rain and freezing sleet today. the first alert weather team and traffic team are helping you prepare before you head out the door. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? tracy, of the conditions you just mentioned freezing rain is the greatest threat. that's rain that comes down to freeze on frozen ground. and we're seeing borderline conditions this morning with temperatures falling. much of the area is now at or
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below freezing as some light rain is moving in. as you move out the door you'll see light fog that may reduce visibility. and fog can create ice as well and conditions are right, but we've gotten moisture moving in from rain. so be on the lookout for potential icing throughout the day. freezing range will change over to sleet, but the freezing rain is the biggest threat on untreated surfaces. it's been treated and should be fine, but the driveway sidewalks, railing, your car may have a layer of ice on it from what is falling on the sky. and right now we are seeing some icing, freezing rain in montgomery and bucks county, the trenton area and parts of philadelphia are seeing temperatures below freezing right now. this is the area that we're watching for potential icing conditions, even into chester county, the temperatures have come down a bit, but the moisture is starting to dry up at least for now. a temporary break in the rainfall right now. and philadelphia international is down to 33 degrees.


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